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ALLcert operates predominantly in the Asia Pacific region however we are always willing to work with any requests from clients seeking qualified assistance.

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ALLcert is an independent certification business for Quality (ISO 9001:2015) and Information Security (ISO 27001:2022) and other Management Systems accredited by JASANZ (Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand).

We provide services for the certification of organisations seeking to obtain formal certification against the Internationally recognised standards. This can be assessed as an individual standard or as an integrated system

Companies will choose to adopt standards to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace, manage risk more effectively, improve business performance and implement a culture of continuous improvement.

Audit Process for Certification

External audits will be carried out by a third-party certification body and have the following stages:

  1. Stage 1 audit – High level audit to review your system and check readiness for Stage 2
  2. Stage 2 audit – Detailed, evidence-based audit to assign certification
  3. Surveillance audits – Annual audits undertaken after certification to review your system (Surveillance 1 and 2)
  4. Recertification audit – Detailed, evidence-based audit to re-assign and confirm continuation of certification.

The audit process then continues on a triennial basis (Surv1 / Surv 2 / Recertification / Surv 1 / Surv 2 / Recert ….etc).

  • NOTE

ALLcert is not a consulting company and does not provide implementation services for organisations seeking to create the required policies and procedures for obtaining certification


ALLcert will provide the services associated with:

  • Planning your certification audit

  • Conducting the audit against the agreed standard

  • Producing the audit report

  • Assisting in subsequent procedures to submit the information to the Certification body and achieve certification

ALLcert will partner with your objectives to assist in the development of your compliance and improved culture.

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David Wheeler has over 20 years professional experience assisting organisations to achieve their objectives and successfully completing their certification to gain the competitive advantage in the marketplace that international certifications provide.

Call today and discuss how David can provide this advantage for your business. David can connect with you through a face-to-face or online meeting format.

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